Anati + Afiq // #hfportraitseries

Here we go, the second chapter of #hfportraitseries. It might looks the same but it is totally different from the previous series. This time we don't need to hike for hours. Parked our car beside and start the shooting.

Introducing Anati & Afiq, newly married couple that were insisted to join this beautiful portrait series. Congratulations, you guys just made a great decision. For your information, both of them are school teachers but located in different schools, Anati in Selangor and Afiq is located somewhere in Sarawak. What a long distance relationship you guys had. Nevermind, doesn't mean your love strength are weak when you are far away from your partner. Right?

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Thank you so much dear viewers.

Hanif Fazalul

Aisyah + Harith // #hfportraitseries

As an introduction, the #hfportraitseries is a series of creating a wonderful,amazing and awesome collection of portraits for those who are in love. Yeah, it is open to ALL married couple that interested to have fun in this series. So how to join this lovely series? It is quite simple. Just contact me here and we can start our first step of discussion there. Furthermore, you guys can find me through my new instagram or just search #hfportraitseries in the hashtag section in the app.

Meet Aisyah & Harith, the first lovebirds who join the #hfportraitseries session. We spent 2 hours to hike up here and 1 hour descend to the bottom. I almost stung by a bee at the first 15 minutes during the session, yeah it is almost, but thank god the bee just came by to say hi ( I guess ).

I enjoyed to have them in my frame, I mean frames. Harith is a film maker/production specialist who deal with those giants machines. The bonus point is, Harith also an enduro mountain bike rider just like me! Turn back to Aisyah, she is an ex-english teacher that turned out to be a very inspiring businesswoman. Really hope that Aisyah won't evaluate my writings here. However, we glad to spent the session together that day. 

To be honest, it's worth the hike & bee stuffs there !